Hortus Society

The Hortus Society

In preparation of our 20 years anniversary we founded a club for special members of the International Specialist Nursery Days: the Hortus Society. These members support our plant show by contributing a small contribution. This will help us to make the organisation of the Nursery Days futureproof.
The nurseries attending our Nursery Days preserve special varieties and collections of plants for the Dutch market. Without them, it would be very hard to obtain these plants in the Netherlands. By bringing the best nurseries from the Netherlands and abroad together at Bingerden, we not only make it possible for our visitors to enjoy the show or buy special plants, but we also facilitate the nurseries to exchange their knowledge and expertise. This is very valuable for us and something we cherish.

As a member of the Hortus Society you receive

For 25 euros per person, per year, you will receive your ticket to the International Specialist Nursery Days worth 14 euros. It is also possible to become a member for life for 250 euros. Two people living at the same address pay 45 euros per year and will both receive a ticket.
If you have any questions, please email us at info@bingerden.com.
Want to become a member of the Hortus Society? Please click here to fill in the online form.
We hope you will support the International Specialist Nursery Days and help us make our organisation ready for the future!