Unfortunately the International Nursery Days Bingerden cannot be held on 19, 20 and 21 June 2020 and we have had to make the difficult decision to postpone it to next year.
It is a huge disappointment for everyone who participates in this beautiful plant festival, but of course everyone's health comes first. The International Nursery Days Bingerden will take place on June 18, 19 and 20, 2021 with the theme "Growing for the future". During this anniversary year, we want to celebrate 25 years of International Nursery Days even more exuberantly than we already planned!
For now we wish everyone a lot of strength in these turbulent times. We hope to see each other next year at Bingerden in good health.
P.S. Want to support the exhibitors? Then take a look at the exhibitors 2020 (menu on the left) and go to their website to see what the possibilities are for a visit or online order. Would you like to support the organizing foundation of the Nursery Days? Then become a member of the Hortus Society.

The program 2021


Growing for the future

Preserving the estate for the future is important at Bingerden. For this reason, we have been working on sustainability for both the buildings and the land for some time now, and Bingerden plays an active role in the Soil4U project for healthy soil. Because we want to spread the love for and the importance of plants, biodiversity and sustainability during the Nursery Days, we have chosen the theme: "Growing for the future".

International Nursery Days 2021

Friday 18h of June
Saterday 19th of June
Sunday 20th of June
The program will be published later. Keep an eye on our website, subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on social media to stay tuned.  
Every day there are tours, lectures, workshops and demonstrations. Extra tours will be announced on the day and will take place in small groups. Meeting point at the info stand.
All activities are in Dutch, unless otherwise mentioned. Please see our information boards on site for any last minute changes in the program. 


The "Collection of Bingerden 2021" on the Plant Theatre: In the middle of the courtyard at Bingerden many plants will be star actors in the Plant Theatre! Here the visitors will see some of the interesting plants that are present at this year's show. All the plants will be clearly marked with the name of the nursery and stand number. The plants for the auction on Sunday will also be shown here.

Food Festival in the kitchen garden


Exhibitors 2020


Awards International Nursery Days

Bingerden 2019


Eugénie van Weede Prijs

Kwekerij Joosten


René Derksen Japanse Esdoorns
Nijssen Bulbs Heemstede
Pépinière du Vent Val & Bonnivers


Plantentuin Esveld
Tuingoed Foltz
Tuinvarenkwekerij van Driel
Kwekerij Pieters Planten
Fransen Hosta’s
Lens Roses
Kwekerij de Werkplaats
Bandus en Van der Plancke


Tuingereedschap Kopersporen
Groene Takken
Green Globe
Kwekerij Marcel de Wagt
Kwekerij de Morgen
René Zijerveld

Plant of the Show

Cornus kousa ‘Scarlet Fire’ - Pépinière du Vent Val & Bonnivers




Bart Bresser



Bandus en Van der Plancke
Tuingereedschap Kopersporen



Kwekerij de Morgen
Arjen Schepers Vaste Planten
Tuingoed Foltz